Woolbeding Glasshouse and Gardens

Sussex, UK

MRG Studio, Heatherwick Studio and Fergus Garrett have designed a garden that evokes a diverse range of natural environments found along the historical Silk Road. Initial studies were carried out to distil the habitats into an ambition for twelve garden environments. These range from environments of dry temperate to Mediterranean to humid subtropical climates.

The aim to create an immersive experience of these different habitats is not fulfilled by simply planting the same plants in the gardens, but by understanding how local conditions (climate, soil, etc.) and the growth requirements of different types of plants can be worked together to recreate the look and feel of these awe-inspiring places.

Plan small.jpg
Anatolian plateau_view 01.jpg
Narrow-Leaved Foxtail Lily - Eremurus Stenophyllus 10.jpg