Brough Park

Leek, Staffordshire, UK

MRG Studio worked with Barker Langham on the HLF application for Brough Park in Staffordshire. The feasibility study proposes a landscape masterplan, which draws from the local industrial heritage of textiles, weaving and dyeing.

The landscape masterplan comprises two types and scales of transformation. The first is the consolidation and upgrade of the ‘Heart of the Park’. This includes the proposal for a new cafe with storage facility, an updated multi-age play area and a new welcome plaza. The second type of transformation largely involves bringing an additional layer of biological and cultural diversity and seasonal interest into existing areas of the park. Much of this work could be carried out in phases as part of an integrated park management and maintenance plan.

The biodiversity strategy, which underpins most of the landscape strategies, will be developed in response to a site-wide ecological survey so that appropriate habitat enhancements can be made to benefit flora and fauna on site, and also the wider environmental network beyond the park.

Heart of the Park- park pavilion interior.jpg
Heart of the park- park pavilion exterior.jpg